TGC 2019 for Garmin R10 Setup Guide

1. Install TGC 2019 using the setup guide

In order to use Garmin R10 for TGC 2019, the latest version of TGC 2019 has to be installed (version 4.3.2 or higher). If you are installing TGC 2019 for the first time or haven't installed it on your computer yet, please follow the setup guide:

2. Open the TGC Simulator Console application

Open the TGC Simulator Console app found on your desktop.
You can recognize the app with the ProTee Shield Logo Icon.

Make sure your game is activated in the License section with the key provided from the setup guide registration section.

Open "Licenses" menu tab and take a note of the IP address shown in the bottom right corner (including the dots).

After you've noted down the numbers, you can go back to the main menu and start the game.


3. Downloading the Garmin App (SimLink)

To connect TGC 2019 with your Garmin, a mobile app is required. The mobile app transfers the data from Garmin to TGC and must stay open at all times.
You can either go to the Garmin Golf app and download the SimLink app from there or download the SimLink app directly from your app store.

The app is called "SimLink"

Google Play Store:
Apple App Store:



Google Play Store


Apple App Store

4. Connect Garmin to TGC using the mobile app on your phone or tablet

4.1. Opening the SimLink app


When starting the app for the first time, the help page will pop up with instructions on how to connect.

It is advised to follow these instructions over these instructions as they are likely to be up to date.


Please note that your mobile device has to stay unlocked. Make sure to turn off your screen timeout.

The app has to stay open during the entire session and therefore should not be locked or moved to the background.

It is also very important that you are on the same network as your computer.


4.2. Setting up the connection to the computer


Return to the main menu by clicking on the question mark icon.


From here, click on the upward arrow icon in the bottom right corner.

This will open a small window where you have to insert the IP address of your computer that you have noted down in step 2 including the dots.

It could be possible that you are not able to connect when using a VPN on your device or network. If this is the case, please try without the VPN or contact your VPN supplier.

4.3. Connecting to Garmin


Once set up, you can click on the connect to Garmin device. For this, you need to have Bluetooth activated.

The button will change to indicate that it's looking for the Garmin device.

4.4. Accepting the connection on the Garmin device


You'll receive a pop-up if the Garmin has been found. It will start flashing white if you haven't made a connection yet. Press the button on the back side of the Garmin to accept the connection.

It will now start flashing green.

If it already is flashing green you don't have to do anything.

Press OK to go back to the main menu.

4.5. Checking the connection and connect to TGC


Check to be certain that the Garmin is connected by looking at the successfully connected message at the top right corner.

If it's connected proceed by pressing the Connect to TGC button.

If you have successfully inserted the right IP address, it should have no problem connecting.

If it fails, please check for any typo's and make sure you are on the same network as your phone.

4.6. Verifying the connection


You should see both successfully connected messages next to the status indicators.

Make sure to keep the phone connected, unlocked and with the screensaver / timeout turned off.

You're now ready to play TGC 2019 with Garmin!

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