The BROOM test

The "BROOM" test - a simple kitchen table test to check your ProTee system

This test was performed by a ProTee User to test the system for undetected shots and delays in shot launches with the following setup:

Hardware used
- Acer Laptop TravelMate 7730G dated 2008

  • Intel Core 2 Due Processor T5870
  • 4 GB DDR2 Ram
  • NVidia GeForce 9300M Graphics card with 256MB Memory

Operating System
- Windows Vista removed. Windows 8 Professional installed with English Language

ProTee Sensor Systems used
- ProTee Base Sensor Mat
- ProTee Putting Sensors Connected
- VCam OEM model connected and setup to pickup part of the broom and use as launch angle

ProTee Software used
- Protee Golf Interface 2.96K25 standard installation, default settings!
- Protee Golf 2.0 with update 41 installed

Lights used
- Standard Ikea Ceiling Spot with Ikea 35w, 35 degrees halogen bulb (made in China)

Other items used
- Digitus USB to Serial convertor (ships with the ProTee)

Settings used
- Course: Chestnut Plain
- Hole: 1
- Lie: Bunker
- Distance: 29 Yards from the pin
- Club: Pitching Wedge (played with broom)
- Video mode: 1024x768 Windowed
- Graphics Settings: Minimum
- Practice mode ON
- Ball placed inside the green bunker only to see ball in view
- Analysis window OFF
- Ball Trail OFF
- Rubber tee placed to simulate the impact sound of a simple shot

Make sure all sensors are free of debris and get receive clear light from the overhead halogen light spot.

Total shots tested: 65 - all captured on video.


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