Firefly MV utility to controll FPS, Shutter and Gain

Command line utility to controll the Firefly MV camera.

This utility can be used to set a camera frame rate, shutter speed and gain before starting the ProTee Golf Interface.


SetFFmv.exe <camera number> <frame rate> <shutter speed> <gain>

  • camera number: 0 or 1
  • frame rate: 1 to X (X=maximum frame rate supported) or a (a=automatic)
  • shutter speed: 1 to X (X= maximum shutter speed supported) or a (a=automatic)
  • gain: 1 to X (X=maximum gain supported) or a (a=automatic)


SetFFmv.exe 0 a a a    (This will set the 1st camera (0) frame rate, shutter and gain all to automatic)

SetFFmv.exe 1 30 10 5    (This will set camera 2 (1) frame rate to 30, shutter speed to 10 and gain to 5)

SetFFmv.exe 1 10 a 2    (This will set camera 2 (1) frame rate to 10, shitter speed to automatic and gain to 2)

Download the installer here.

The installer will create 2 desktop icons and optionally an icon in the computers startup folder.

You can modify the parameters of the program by right clicking on the icon SetFFmv (0 a a a) and change the field "Target" right after the SetFFmv.exe.


If you system reports missing files when you startup the SetFFmv, you might need to install the Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable package.

Download the package from Microsoft here.

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