Windows 10 support - System tray

Many applications run in the background of your PC and in order to control these applications you can open the system tray. The system tray lists all applications run in the background. For example antivirus programs and the SkyTrack Interface.

By default these applications continue to run in the background and need to be manually closed.

You can find the system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen indicated by an upward arrow ▲



As seen in the picture below the SkyTrak Interface is colored Red. This indicates that the box isn't connected or there is an issue. We can right-click the icon to "Quit" the application.



"Quit" the application:


Next to the system tray icon (▲) we can also find the Wi-Fi/Internet connection icon.


These icons display your current network status. These status icons are incredibly helpful for our support department. For example, if you want to connect to your SkyTrak device using Wi-Fi direct and also plan to play TGC online a cabled network is required to keep connected to the internet. An alternative could be using two Wi-Fi adapters.

These network status icons can be referred to when contacting our support department.


For connecting your SkyTrak device using Wi-Fi direct, please have a look at our connection guide:



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