TGC for SkyTrak Interface CONFIGURATION


Connect the SkyTrak unit to your computer using USB cable or through wireless if set up correctly in the SkyTrak Software.

Switch on the SkyTrak unit and start the SkyTrak TGC Interface.


Here you can connect your SkyTrak unit to TGC; to do so please first click on Discover as this will search for all SkyTrak devices that it will be able to connect to.


Wait for it to complete the discovery; before using the dropdown to select the unit you wish to connect and click on Connect



Once connected succesfully a new window will pop up named TGC Simulator Console;

This application helps you with:


- Activating and maintaining your license details

- Starts TGC or TGC2019



To Activate or replace your license details please click on "Licenses"

In here you will find the Machine ID which is required for your registration.

Please be sure to copy - paste this value, as a difference in the machine ID will lead into a license key that doesn't activate.

To copy - paste, simply click on "Click to copy machine ID" Or select it and press "CTRL + C" on your keyboard.


To Paste , simply use the "Paste license" button ( as this will paste the content of your clipboard into the license field) . Or select the big textbox and press "CTRL + V" on your keyboard.


After clicking the "Activate and add" ; if it was successful it will show up under Known profiles on the right side.



To start playing TGC or TGC2019 please select the "Start Game" option in the Home menu.


It will give you the option of which game to start, note that it is based upon which of the two games you have purchased.








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