Run ProTee Portal in OFFLINE mode

A stable and uninterrupted internet connection is required to run the ProTee Golf Simulator in ONLINE mode.

Online mode is required to enable online game play and to receive the latest news and automatic updates. Updates can also be applied manually and can be downloaded from

When the internet connection is down or unstable, the ProTee Portal will lose its connection to the ProTee Portal Servers resulting in the following error message:


When this happens the system will shutdown and game data will be lost.

To prevent this from happening the Portal can can be run in OFFLINE mode.

1] Make sure your computer is connected to the internet to validate the Portal username and password.

2] Start the ProTee Portal and enter Accountname and Password.

3] Click the "Remember Login Details" checkbox !


4] Exit the Portal.

Make sure the internet is fully disconnected. Disconnect the internet cable from the computer or add the following line to the Windows HOSTS file:

The Windows HOSTS file is located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.

Restart the ProTee Portal.

The Portal will now look for the Portal Servers and will not find them. Next it will ask to run the Portal in OFFLINE mode.
The Portal will now start in OFFLINE mode and will no longer look for the Portal Servers during the game. ONLINE functionality will no longer be available.

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