ProTee Golf 2.0 - In Game Advertisements

The ProTeeGolf Advertisement system is designed to show advertisements and banners inside the ProTee Golf Simulator software. The application will show your own advertisements in front of the golf simulation software as an overlay .

You can download version 1.1 here.

IMPORTANT: ProTee Golf Simulator must run in Windows mode to make advertisements visible!

To set the game to run in Window mode goto OPTIONS->SCREEN SETTINGS select the resolution that matches the full width and height of your screen and select "Windowed".

The ProTee Advertisement system can be set to run on startup. Once running the system will move itself to the system tray. You will find its icon in the right bottom of your screen.


Click the icon in the system tray to open the main configuration screen.


You can place upto 5 different advertisments on various places on your screen in 5 simple steps:

  1. Select an image to show on your screen.
  2. Enter the height and width of the selected image.
  3. Enter the X and Y coordinates in pixels. This will be the position where your image will popup.
  4. Enter a transparancy color as RGB value to make a certain color inside your image transparant.
  5. Select how to show the image:
  • OFF = Not showing
  • ALWAYS = Always showing
  • After shot = Show right after a shot
  •     - Delay = After how many seconds right after the shot the image should popup
  •     - Duration = The amount of seconds it should stay on the screen
  • When putting = Show only when putting

There are 5 example advertisements included which are all enabled by default. Please make sure you replace them with your own advertisement or switch them off if you do not want them to show during the game.

After making changes to configuration, make sure your click SAVE. With the PREVIEW button you can check how your advertisments will look. With RUN the program will start the advertisements. Click IN TRAY to move the program to the system tray.

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