Using the ProTee VX at ceiling heights below 9' / 275cm


The optimal height for the VX from floor (hitting surface) to ceiling is 10' / 300cm.

We have been testing the ProTee VX at various ceiling heights. Here are the results:

  • 8'4" is too low, not recommended. Besides potential detection issues there is
    also a slight chance the unit is hit with using a wedge in an upwards swing.
  • 8'6" is low, but works. High speed shots will require a ball like TP5 in order
    to make sure correct spin values are detected. The TP5 has a lot of reference
    points which can be detected by the VX.
  • 8'8" is lower then recommend, but we did not find any issues. We did not
    receive any negative feedback from users using the VX at 8'8".
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