ProTee Horizontal Camera Setup for simulator packs shipped after October 15, 2017

ProTee Horizontal Launch Camera setup instructions

Step by step instructions on how to setup your ProTee Golf Simulator Horizontal Launch camera.


1] Connect the horizontal launch camera to your computer

Make sure at least 1 camera is connected to your computer before you install the driver software.

2] Download and run the latest camera driver software

If you already installed the camera drivers when setting up the Vertical Launch Camera, you can skip this step.

Download link: Camera Drivers

When the driver installation process is finished, the cameras will show up in the Windows device manager under Imaging devices as "The Imaging Source Europe GmbH DMK ...".


3] Position the horizontal Launch Camera

Make sure:

  • The camera is positioned correctly slightly in front of the base sensor mat overhead light
  • The camera is turned correctly
  • The camera is pointing straight down


4] Start the ProTee Golf Interface

  • Goto Settings -> More
  • Enable the Horizontal Camera and click Save
  • Click on H Cam to open the Horizontal Camera Setup Screen
  • Select the Camera you want to assign as Horizontal Camera from the Camera listbox
  • Click on Preview

ProTee cameras shipped after October 15, 2017 will appear in the list as DMK cameras.


Horizontal Camera Setup screen with DMK camera selected

5] Line up the camera

  • Place a golf ball on the white rubber tee position
  • Position the camera so the ball is inside the red box of the Preview image
  • Position the camera so the red line in the center is pointing towards the screen
  • The red line is the 0 degrees (straight shot) line, make sure its in the center of the base sensor system
  • Make sure the the hitting direction is towards the screen. The impact screen can appear just inside the camera view on the right side. You can filter this out with the Right exclusion slider

6] Adjusting light

  • Make sure your everything outside the simulator is dark
  • Dim any ambient light and cover windows
  • Click on Camera devices
  • Use the Gain slider to adjust the light levels


Camera devices configuration screen

7] Verify Camera settings

Press ALT-S on your keyboard to open the camera settings.

Make sure the values match the values shown in the image below and close the screen when finished.


ALT-S camera settings screen

8] Test the camera direction angle detection

Select an iron 6 (I6) from the Club selection listbox. Place a ball on the rubber tee position and hit a test shot.


 Horizontal Camera setup screen showing I6 shot launched 2 degrees right

  • Use the Sense slider to filter out excessive white noise from the Result window
  • Use the Right Exclusion slider to filter out visible impact screen on the right side of the image

Any adjustment made will be saved automatically. When testing other clubs, make sure your select the club you're testing from the Club selection listbox.



Iron 6 shot 2 degrees left



Driver shot 6 degrees left



Wedge shot 2 degrees right



Chip shot 3 degrees left

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