ProTee VX Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The ProTee VX is powered with Artificial Intelligence also known as A.I.

The integrated A.I. is primarily used for club data. The ProTee VX has been trained using machine learning, to detect a golf club, the type of club (currently driver, iron or putter), the handness (left or right handed) and where the face of the club is in high speed camera images.

When the A.I. detects the face of the club, the ProTee VX can track and measure the face of the club at high-speeds. This will allow the ProTee VX to accurately measure club speed, face angle, swing path, impact point and much more.

We at ProTee are continuously training the A.I. system to detect all sorts of golf club characteristics and we will update your ProTee VX with new training data as soon as it's available. The ProTee Labs software will check for updates on startup. Make sure you keep your software up-to-date, so you will always have the latest A.I. trained models loaded!

A.I. can make mistakes and a specific club might not be detected correctly, so we created a bug reporting tool in ProTee Labs. As soon as you find something that seems off, please send your bug report so we can investigate the issue and update the A.I. models!

NOTE: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is not used and/or needed for ball data or flight data. All data required to simulate ball flight is directly measured with high speed cameras (eg. ball speed, launch angle, ball direction, total spin and spin axis). Club data is also measured with high speed cameras and A.I. is used to detect what club is being used (eg. driver, iron, putter) and to place "virtual stickers" on the club eliminating the use of real stickers. With these "virtual stickers" the high speed cameras will be able to track the club and club face in 3D and measure (not calculate!) club data such as club speed, face angle, impact point location, and more.

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